What are you going to do with two new babies?

This is the question that Josh and I get routinely.

We are well-aware that many of you think we are crazy. Even our birth mother said that we were when we said we would adopt the newest baby.

The truth is, yes, we are probably a little crazy, but a little crazy is sometimes a lot of good. We truly believe some of the best things in life come from the greatest risks.

Whether you have followed my journey over the last 4 1/2 years, or you are just now getting to know us, you know that I am typically not a risk-taker. I am a planner, and I had my life planned out since I was 8 years old. And it went completely according to plan (insert sarcasm: cancer, chemo, radiation mastectomy, infertility, failed adoption turned successful, miracle pregnancy, another adoption, etc…)

My husband is the complete opposite. He is spontaneous, a risk-taker, doesn’t like to be too planned, and loves the unexpected.

Yes, there are times I wonder how God thought it would be good for us to be together, because we are SUCH opposites.

The truth is I cannot think of a better balance in a relationship than ours. That is not said in a haughty way either, but it is truly amazing to see 2 totally different people challenge each other in a way that most often makes us better.

When we had Genevieve and the roller coaster it was to get her, I remember telling Josh, “I am just fine with one baby. I truly am. I will love having an only child.” At the time, I couldn’t imagine going through an adoption again, and of course assumed that getting pregnant wasn’t a possibility.

Okay, okay, you can stop your laughing.

Less than a year after me saying that, I miraculously become pregnant, and we decide to adopt another baby.

Exactly like I planned…..riiiiiiggghhhtt….

If I had to say where I am in life right now, I would sum everything up in one word:


I’m done planning my life.

I’m done with saying “I’m done.”

I’m done with having a 5, 10, 25 year plan.

After all, very few of those plans have come to pass.

The most beautiful parts of my life have been those that have gone not according to plan. When I finally realized that my worrying, fretting, and crossing every “T” and dotting every “I” did nothing but stress me out, a supernatural peace filled me. The truth is that it would all go according to God’s plan anyhow.

So to answer the question of what are you going to do with two new babies that will basically be twins?

Here is the answer:

  • Change tons of diapers
  • Give lots of bottles
  • Shower them with kisses and snuggles
  • Sing to them
  • Probably wear spit up for a few months
  • Be sleep deprived for a time
  • Trust God in helping us raise these precious souls

So, that is what we will do. That is what we will do with two new babies.

We will continue to surrender to God’s plan for our family and take care of these sweet babies the best we know how. Just a few more months until they are here.

We are blessed.

Living in surrender,