Pictures from Round 2

Here are a few pictures from Round 2 last week…

Aly showing off her haircut…

Here is Aly getting her IV put in for the MRI and the chemo.

Here is Aly getting round 2 of chemo.

 We will head to Houston tomorrow around lunch and get to Houston around 6pm. We are excited to get to spend some time with Martin and Vanessia West, Kirk and Misty Frantom and Matt and Cassie Remington.

We are praying that Mrs. Vanessia gets a great report Thursday and Friday.

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4 thoughts on “Pictures from Round 2

  1. Thank you for pictures and updates. Be careful driving to Houston and we are praying for a successful third round of chemo. Love you Josh and Aly!

  2. Your attitude continues to inspire and encourage others. So thankful for the good week. Praying for safe travel to Houston and that round 3 will go well. God is good!

  3. Aly,
    I’m a friend of your mom’s and met you years ago at Inns of Court crawfish boils. You and Josh are of course on our prayer lists at church (I also go to church with Kate McClelland), but I want to thank you and Josh for your blog! I have told several friends about you, and you have become an inspiration and blessing to those who don’t even know you! Your faith in our God is one we should all strive for! I just wanted to let you know that you are touching strangers with your fight and faith!! Praying always for your recovery and journey to complete wellness in Christ!!
    Ashley Burch

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