Why We Choose to Make Parts of Our Life Public

And Why It's Still a Struggle

Hi friends! Often times, I am approached by people who say that they wish they had the courage to share about their struggles and life. They wish they weren’t so private. They worry about sharing something about themselves that could come back to hurting themselves, their children, their spouse…They just don’t feel comfortable putting themselves […]

Things I Hate About My Life

And Things You Probably Hate Too

Sorry it’s been so long since I have written. Genevieve had her 2nd birthday, we travelled to North Carolina to speak at a Women’s Event, we travelled to my step-brother’s wedding, travelled to another speaking event, and we have been busy with the three most precious girls on the planet! But I wanted to write […]

Pressure Versus Polish

When you feel overwhelming pressure in life,¬†finding the eject button from this kind of pressure feels like the thing to do. If you’re anything like me, you are thinking “Right now- I want this pressure to be relieved!” It seems like Aly and I continue to be under great pressure. Obviously the big things like […]

Why I Over-The-Top Brag on my Kids

And why I think it's necessary

Have you ever been around a parent who thinks their kid can do no wrong? It is so frustrating! I know many times we are thinking, “Wake up! Your kid is not a perfect angel!” I know teachers see this all of the time. My husband used to be a basketball coach. All in all, […]

2016- Year in Review

Wow- 2016, you have been one incredible year. And by incredible, I do not mean that our circumstances have been perfect, but it has been one FULL year. The consensus was and always is: We are so insanely blessed. In January, I was getting over nausea from my pregnancy and still in awe of this […]

What Cancer Has To Do With Christmas

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas with their families! Ours was nothing short of magical, and not because of the lights, presents, fun with families etc…,but because of entirely different reasons. I do remember those who Christmas is hard for…such a joyous holiday that can be filled with pain and loss depending on what […]