Dear Lydia: You’re Eight Months Old.

Oh, Lydia, I cannot fathom that you are eight months old!

I call you our little caboose, because I think you are the last of our babies.

But as we know, God’s plan is always the final word, and I’ve learned my plans don’t necessarily mean much. But you are just the sweetest little caboose and end to our family of five.

I wrote your sister a letter at this age, and I want to do the same for you too. I don’t want to forget one little thing about you, as time is truly passing so incredibly quickly.

Dear Lydia,

You are so amazing.

You started saying “Momma” this month and my heart could literally explode. I was practicing with you one day (yes, of course I practiced with each one of you trying to say my name:)) and you looked at me and just said it. It was more than just you saying it, but it truly felt like you were saying it about me. You probably weren’t and just babbling a word, but to hear you say my name and look into my eyes– I can’t describe what that does to me.

Your sister wants to be held all the time by me, and you say my name all of the time. I always am so torn because I wish I could hold you both all of the time!!!

Your daddy picked you up after a tumble the other day when you kind of fell from sitting up, and you just kept looking at me crying saying, “Momma! Momma!” Your daddy said that you were looking at me and wanted me to hold you so bad.

Of course I did.

I want to shield you from every type of pain and hurt.

I want to rescue you from everything.

I want you to know I will always be there for you.

I can’t imagine not being able to be everything for you. But, it’s true- I won’t be able to, despite my best efforts and wants.

That is hard for me to even type!

I am leaning on the Lord and asking for guidance even now to allow Him to be your rescuer-not me, but man, is that hard!

But I promise— I will always be there for Him to use me to rescue you🙂

Thank you for saying my name first. I tried hard with Genevieve and Vera, but you were the one who came through for me!

You have the sweetest, most peaceful spirit.

You have an infectious laugh, like your oldest sister, Genevieve. I pray you laugh, laugh, and laugh some more. If our home and your heart is filled with laughter, joy will abound.

Laugh till your belly hurts, and choose to laugh at the hard things in life.

Not that you can’t cry and be devastated, but I pray you are able to carry a light load knowing that life is fleeting, and we must be focused on the things to smile and laugh about.

God can handle the hard things.

He is big enough. Trust Him.

You are so determined, Lydie. When you put your mind to getting something, you get it!

You are so content wherever you are. I pray that continues for you–being content in every circumstance.

You LOVE Genevieve and Vera. You light up with them like I rarely see you do with anyone else.

I pray you always hold your sisters in the highest regard and love each other as you love yourself.

You love watching Bella.

You are so easy-going.

Although there is a feisty side to you too! The other day I took away a toy from you, and your face turned red and you cried so hard. You were mad!!! Rarely are you like this:)

You love to bounce and dance.

You like to do your “own thing”. While Vera and Genevieve watch everything, I will see you kind of playing with your own toy in your own little world.

Lydia, you are so beautiful.

I pray that your outward beauty is just a small window into the beauty that lies within.

You might find it strange that I pray for every little detail of your life at 8 months old, but I want to cover you in prayer.

You are so precious, my love.

I know you are going to be a world changer and do incredible things.

Getting to spend every day with you and get to know the different intricate things about you as each day passes is such an honor.

You are an incredibly prayed for miracle-baby, and you bring me so much joy.

I love you.

Happy 8 Months, Lydie Bug.

Love you forever,