Begging For Prayers

I still cannot believe this is happening. For those of you who do not know, our sweet Baby Taylor #3 was born on Thursday morning. Everything was going extremely well. We were in the delivery room to hear and see her first breaths and got to spend an immense amount of time with her birth mother.

Friday morning was wonderful as well, and we were enjoying sweet, special, bonding time with our baby.

As we were in the nursery with the baby allowing the birth mother to rest, we were approached by a hospital worker to let us know that the birth mother was considering changing her mind. We were in complete and utter shock. We walked down to her room with the baby, and it was confirmed she was wavering in her decision. Not only wavering, but it seemed a decision had been made- she did not want to place her baby up for adoption.

Many of you have asked us- “What went wrong?”

Nothing went wrong. There were no arguments or fights, and she believes that giving us Genevieve was one of the best decisions of her life. It has nothing to do with her not wanting us to have the baby, but she simply wants to have a chance at raising this baby.

I understand her emotions. I know emotions run crazy after having a baby. Your hormones are insane! It is hard for us to imagine that she would make a decision today when for 9 months prior she made the adoption decision. We keep praying that she would remember why she called us to begin with to adopt this baby. But we are trusting above all in the Lord’s perfect plan for this baby girl.

We are heartbroken. We have cried endless tears. Asked more questions than you can imagine. We’ve experienced frustration, devastation, anger, pain, confusion—you name it.

But, this isn’t about us. It is about this little, precious innocent life. We want her to be with us of course, but we are getting such a lesson in surrender. We are not perfect, Lord knows that. But if we had her, we will fight like crazy to not only give her an amazing life but expose her to a God that has incredible plans for her, and teach her how she can follow His purpose and plan for her life.

So, tomorrow is a big day. The baby will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. We are not sure where she will go, but we are praying that God speaks to the birth mother tonight and speaks to her heart clearly about what to do.

Above all, we are praying for God’s will to be done. Just as last time, it is hard to imagine that it isn’t God’s will for us to have this baby, but we are committed to praying for what God wants over what we do. We just pray our wants (best for baby) line up with his perfect will.

Thank you for your prayers…Thank you for your kind words. They are what’s holding us up. Today was especially hard at church answering questions about everything. It made everything more real.

Our children are stand alone. We felt God tell us to adopt this baby. Even though we have two, we cannot not fight for one we clearly felt was ours. The parable of the lost sheep sticks out to us so much…The 99 sheep were left to find the one.

Our blessings are many, but that does not mean we will stop fighting for the one…the one we felt God told us was ours when we said yes to adopt again in January.

Begging for your prayers,

Josh and Aly

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  1. I’m believing with you for a miracle! I’m adopted I know and understand my purpose. God choose me, He rescued me at birth and placed me with the parents He ordained me to be with. It was a Devine appointment, a blessing beyond words. My birth mother and I reunited after 49 years in 2011 it was a God moment. She explained that it took more love to give me up than it ever would to keep me. I’m praying for this dear birth mother that she too will see that it’s all in God’s plan and that precious baby’s purpose. I love my birth mother because I understand the sacrifice she made by giving me up. I have the DNA that God chose me to have but God knew that my momma and daddy were chosen by him also and it had nothing at all to do with my DNA. God bless you and everyone involved and may he protect you hearts from breaking.

  2. Our Family has followed your story for sometime now and we will be in Fervant Prayer over the heart of this mom and Gods will for you and your family!!! Love The Green Family!!!!

  3. Praying for God’s Will in the life of this precious baby. Believing that God’s will is for her to be with you. But praying also that whatever His will is, courage and peace will be given to all involved.

  4. My heart is crying for all involved! Praying intently for God to take the reigns and guide all parties into strong mindful decisions! Your presence there is still a blessing no matter the outcome. This birth mother has witnessed what REAL parenting looks like. I pray God moves like only He can and that you will be left with an unexplainable peace KNOWING that baby 3 is right where she needs to be! I hate that you are going through this. It was so precious knowing that 2 birth siblings could grow together in your home song with a perfect sister you made! I pray that if it is God’s will; they will!! Your faithfulness is awesome. Keep that Faith and try to balance your worry with the knowledge that so many loving prayers are being lifted! HIS WILL BE DONE. Amen.

  5. Am fervently praying Gods will, HE is carrying y’all with so much grace and mercy, HE will honor your obedience

  6. Praying continuously for all of you with a broken heart but a faith in a God of promises to His children.

  7. Father God I am thanking You in advance for moving on behalf of Josh and Aly for their Baby Taylor 3 ! Thank You for going before them and dealing with birth mom tonight on giving her up for adoption to the Taylor’s and for her going home with Josh and Aly tomorrow. You’ve done it once, do it again Lord! Thank You for hearing and answering this prayer and every prayer going up for this specific request. In Jesus Name. Amen!!!

  8. Hi Aly, Mom text me ask for prayers, we have been praying for the family.Our God in the the business of Mircles and believe in Jesus Name, you will have your Mircle.
    Love you guys

  9. Josh and Aly,

    Trish and I are praying with you that God’s will be done on this situation. You both are very special, and loved by so many, including us!

  10. Holding you in prayer tonight. Praying this birth mom senses a restlessness about changing her mind and realizes the peace she had when making her adoption plan with you two. Praying that as she anguishes over this choice that she will see that the Lord has a divine plan for her and for her baby. Praying for sleep for you tonight. Praying for you to rest in His hands tonight. He holds your tomorrows no matter what. I pray He orders her steps clearly and that your miracle is seen and He is glorified! (From another adoptive mom….((((((hug)))))) )

  11. Praying for you. So much time sacrifice and love has been invested. Praying Gods comfort will overshadow the situation. Praying He will raise you up. Psalm 20

  12. Dear Aly…I so understand and feel your pain and confusion. We have been on both sides of this difficult decision. We are the parents of two adopted children, now 19 and 30, but our road wasn’t easy. between the first and second child (11 years) we had two adoptions fall through at the very end. It absolutely pierces the heart…I felt like I had a stillborn, it was the only way I could describe our loss. It so devastated us that after the second we withdrew our names. It took years to get the courage back (to allow ourselves to become vulnerable) to try again. We are so glad we did, as God blessed us with a wonderful son who we just sent off to college. But when our son was just 5, our daughter, who was 16 and going into her senior in a Christian HS, got pregnant. I went through every emotion possible, and every emotion with her… from a young girls desperation to have a normal Sr year and leaving the house to have an abortion (which the Lord miraculously intervened through desperate prayer) to her having the baby. All nine months I went to every Dr. appt with her, was there when she would come home from school in tears and hating her life to the birth of a beautiful baby boy. I spent 3 days with her in the hospital with this beautiful son she had decided to place for adoption. She had selected the family months previous…they were perfect…so much like our family. But after being with this tiny bundle of love the thought of giving him up was more than we could bear. So much confusion. She was so certain (and I as well) of the decision she had made…she had made plans to go away to college and pursue the dreams she had dreamed before the pregnancy. But now…so much confusion…our hearts were being ripped out of our chest at the thought of giving him up (this adoptive family was there at the birth as well…all of us Christians walking with the Lord). The adoption agency recommended we do not proceed, but leave the baby with them for a few days (a very wise decision)…everybody went home empty with feelings of loss and desperation. In the end love let go. He was placed with a loving adoptive family, in a semi open agreement. Within a year all parties chose to open the adoption. We all have a relationship with this boy who is now 12. Our daughter sees him every few months (she now is happily married with 2 other children). I share all this with you to let you know God is in control. Regardless of the outcome, He sits on the throne and loves us all. We don’t know what ever happened to the children from the adoptions which fell through, but we always have to trust God. We have seen Him bring beauty out of ashes and we are so blessed with the children He has loaned to us while on this earth and the one he gave our daughter the courage and sacrificial love to let go. Whatever the outcome, and I will be praying fervently for you, know that the Lord loves you and this baby and the birthmother, and will see all of you through. I wish I could sit with you and hug you…my heart feels your heart.

  13. My prayers are with you.
    I know all too well this situation.
    My granddaughter/ daughter is now 17 and keeps me going constantly. She was also scheduled to be adopted and my daughter changed her mind. Through many agonizing bad choices my husband and I finally adopted her. I wouldn’t have it any other way, as we wound up raising her, then adopted her. God always has a plan. I pray for this child above all others in this situation. I know the pain and confusion is very real. I also know that God is hearing your hearts cry. My prayers are with you all.

  14. Aly,
    Praying for the Lord to move on behalf of this precious baby girl. And for divine strength for y’all as you fight for her. ❤️

  15. Praying for each one of you during this very difficult time!!!! We love you all so much & are hurting with you. We are asking for His peace that surpasses all understanding to be poured out on each heart & soul involved in these very hard decisions.

  16. Aly and Josh.. I can’t even imagine what you are experiencing. But I know that NONE of this takes God by surprise and He ALONE sees the big picture! Please know that I’m praying for you all and this sweet baby! Praying for Gods grace for you. Beyond thankful to have met you and to know about your journey!

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