A visit to see the woman who made us parents.

It has been almost a month since we made the trip to Kentucky to see the girls’ birth mother. Yes, you read that right, Kentucky! The birth mother has moved to Kentucky, and that is where we went to visit her. We wish we could have stayed longer, but we literally were just there for an ultrasound and a quick visit, then back on the road home.

Traveling with a 1 year old is not the easiest, so we weren’t exactly taking our time. We were ready to come home (and so was Genevieve).

It was so wonderful to see her the girls’ birth mom. Each time we have seen her, I am always nervous, but then once we see her, my nerves are calmed. We met her at the ultrasound boutique, and she enjoyed seeing Genevieve. We also got to meet her Genevieve’s birth grandfather, and that was wonderful. What a sweetheart!

He was so happy to meet and love on Genevieve too.

This girl has so many that love her; it is unfathomable!

We were able to catch up on life and visit with each other. It really is crazy how it just feels natural. We are family. I always tell Genevieve’s birth mother that, but we are family. We always will be. We will forever be connected.

This woman has made and is making me able to have 2 of my daughters—the part she has played in our lives is HUGE!!! I owe so much to her. How do I even begin?

During the ultrasound, we were able to see our sweet girl moving like crazy! She is so so precious! We did not know until this ultrasound whether the baby would be a girl or a boy. Because we have Genevieve and the baby I am carrying is a girl, so many were assuming we were hoping for a boy- nope, not quite.

When a couple like us thought we may never have children, to say that we don’t care about the gender of our babies is a complete understatement. When we learned it was another girl, we were ecstatic. We just want healthy, happy babies that we can grow heaven with! Girls, boys, it makes no difference to us.

And, it doesn’t hurt that we are head over heels in love with Genevieve, so knowing we have two more girls coming, just triples the girly love….ahhhh… we are soooo excited!

But, it was a wonderful visit with the birth mother. Just to lay my hands and eyes on her did me good. She looked wonderfully and seemed to be doing really well.

I know she still is struggling though. It is hard for her to once again be faced with the reality that she cannot take care of a baby and that she needs to place this newest baby with us. Through all of the laughs, hugs, and talks, that never leaves my mind.

I was able to convey to her that my compassion and love for her has grown exponentially with us being pregnant together. Last time, I had no idea what it was like to be pregnant. I did not know or could not imagine what it would be like to carry a baby, love that baby, deliver that baby, and then give that baby to someone other than me…now I know some of that and can imagine it…and my love for her grows.

Our ultrasound tech was tearing up when we left as she had no idea what she was getting into when she accepted this ultrasound of an adoption—she has no idea of the ENTIRE story.

As we left Genevieve’ birth mom and birth grandfather, they asked if we could pray together. We formed a little circle, joined hands outside of the ultrasound boutique, and prayed. Josh prayed for the process, for the babies, for our hearts, and for these babies’ futures…we cried, and hugged, and God’s presence was there.

These moments…

My life is seriously a movie. I sometimes cannot get over it!

So, here is what we need you all to pray:

  1. That both of our babies are in completely perfect health.
  2. That God’s perfect will be done in our lives.
  3. That birth mother will feel the comfort of God and have peace about her adoption decision.
  4. That God will continue to guard our hearts and minds.
  5. That God will direct us on the timing of heading to Kentucky for the birth of the babies.
  6. That God will provide for us financially.
  7. That God would give us favor with our new attorney and the entire Kentucky law system.
  8. That God would begin preparing us to bring two new babies in our home and lead them to Jesus.

Thank you all for your fervent prayer! I cannot believe I am 6 months pregnant! It is crazy that we are now talking about birthing classes and delivery—how are we even that close?!? This pregnancy has flown, but we are savoring every bit of it.

As my body is growing (wow, so amazing and crazy to experience) and I am feeling every little movement that our baby girl makes, I am just soaking in each moment. It really is a quick 9 months, and I am striving to enjoy the amazing changes my body and this baby is experiencing.

Hasn’t this been one crazy ride?

Thanks for being on the ride with us. Your prayers have gotten us to this very point.

I am grateful.

For you. For the amazing birth mother. For my God who knew this would be our future when I saw no future. For my family who has supported us along the way. For my prayer warriors whose prayers have protected my family and brought us together….


I Am Grateful,