These Are The Days…

These are the easy days

Well, I am trying to get in a better routine of at least writing one blog post per week. I am hoping if I write that- I will stick to it. Accountability please :)! My posts will be short, but I at least want to write what’s on my heart and hopefully encourage many of […]

“Rattled” Episode 8 Recap

In this episode, it was an episode that basically showed us being home with the girls and the struggles that come from not only having 2 newborns and the exhaustion, but also the stress it can put on our family. We were very hesitant to show this side of our story. Because we feel so […]

Our Today Show Experience

And Everything I Wish I Would Have Said

Being on the Today Show with Kathie-Lee and Hoda was simply amazing. From beginning to end, the experience was surreal. I had a minor issue when I opened my suitcase the night before the Today show and my concealer make up had exploded in my bag all over my pants I had brought for the […]

Episode 7 “Rattled” Recap

Hi guys! Thank you to all who tuned in for episode 7. And if you didn’t and want to catch up, download the free TLCgo app to watch the episodes you missed! And if you just want to read a recap, read here:) This episode summarized our trip home from Kentucky, a scare with Lydia, […]

“Rattled” Re-cap Episode 5

Wow- this episode! I am so thankful that this episode has aired! Everything in this episode was aired just as it was. There was no re-creating and our parents reactions were 100% genuine once we surprised them with Lydia. I will answer some questions below that will also help with giving the re-cap of the […]

“Rattled” Recap Episode 4

Hi guys! I am sorry I am late re-capping this episode, but here it goes. This was the hardest episode to watch by far, as we were told we would not be adopting Lydia. Here are some questions we have gotten about this episode, which also lets you know what all went on in this […]

“Rattled” ReCap- Episode #3

Wow- I cannot believe we have already had 3 episodes of Rattled. What an emotional roller coaster it has been to watch it all back. It only gets more emotional, so I better just put on my seatbelt. Overall, I am just thankful to have had such incredible moments of our lives documented. To be […]

“Rattled” Episode TWO- Recap!

Oh my goodness, I feel like I am still re-living Vera’s birth after watching it this past week. Wow, what an incredible moment!!! Although there were other things that happened in this episode, just seeing that little miracle be born was one of the most incredible moments in my life. Just like last week, this […]

Rattled 1st Episode [Recap]

And Answering Some Questions

Wow, we can’t believe it actually happened. Part of our story actually aired on national television! WHHHHAAATTTT? All day on Tuesday, I was super emotional. I think it was just starting to hit me of where we were 5 years ago. If someone would have told me that our story would have been used in […]