“Rattled” Episode TWO- Recap!

Oh my goodness, I feel like I am still re-living Vera’s birth after watching it this past week. Wow, what an incredible moment!!! Although there were other things that happened in this episode, just seeing that little miracle be born was one of the most incredible moments in my life. Just like last week, this […]

Rattled 1st Episode [Recap]

And Answering Some Questions

Wow, we can’t believe it actually happened. Part of our story actually aired on national television! WHHHHAAATTTT? All day on Tuesday, I was super emotional. I think it was just starting to hit me of where we were 5 years ago. If someone would have told me that our story would have been used in […]

We Are In Kentucky!

Yes, we are here! We are getting settled. I assume much of this journey will be the “Hurry up and wait” theory. But, we are here doing just that. Regardless, we are trying to enjoy these last few moments with our little family of 3, as we know it is about to change and never […]