We Are In Kentucky!

Yes, we are here! We are getting settled. I assume much of this journey will be the “Hurry up and wait” theory. But, we are here doing just that. Regardless, we are trying to enjoy these last few moments with our little family of 3, as we know it is about to change and never […]

Getting ready to move…

It is unbelievable that we are talking about and getting ready for our move to Kentucky! Being in Kentucky last week made things much more real, and we are at home nesting and getting ready to leave for an extended period of time. Our visit last week went really well. We were SO incredibly exhausted […]

My Mother’s Day

I just celebrated my second mother’s day! I honestly cannot believe it. It was THE best Mother’s Day. Do you all remember my post about last year’s mother’s day? Well, let’s just say that I got a serving of humble pie last year. I was ready to be celebrated, and then my husband asked me […]